Sunday, 2 April 2017

The End

Hello, it’s me again :D

It’s the beginning of April in 2017. Almost midnight. And here I am ready to share my random thoughts. Damn I miss writing so bad! Don’t be doubt to leave this page though because it will be kinda boring :p

I think that I need to share my happiness lately in this my life journal blog. I don’t even remember the last moment I shared with you, guys. College life in 2016 was not easy for me, I guess. It might happen to you too, the last semesters students in the campus, no wonder haha.

What I want to share in this post is a brief résumé of my four years in college. Well, I think it’s 3,5 years by the way because I just ended it on March 27, yeay ^^. Officially, I got my Bachelor of Arts title on March 29, 2017. March in 2017 was epic. Even the beginning of 2017 was epic yet horrible too, hihi. At the beginning of the year, I was clueless about my final thesis and the presentation what so ever. I thought I was not ready at that time. Nonetheless, now I tell you that I am no longer a student of English Letters Department anymore. If you don’t mind, I’ll let you know a secret behind that ;)

Do you believe in writing your dreams on a paper and post it on your wall to make it happen? I did believe in that theory. At the second semester, I participated in a program of my campus to present my dreams. All the students were asked to draw their goals of life in a mindmap. Honestly, I’d like to post my mindmap of dreams here, but it’s kinda embarassing though. So, a bit descriptions maybe?

I have eight goals I’d like to achieve in my college life. Now, I’m counting that I have achieved 6 goals of all of them. Hurray! Two of them was not achieved yet, but I do believe in a second chance. Maybe I’ll go get them one day. The 6 goals are: get cumlaude title when I graduate from university, become a tourguide, work in public relation department in my campus, get into a committee in my campus, start to work in fourth or fifth semester, and finish my study in four years. Yap, those all some of the goals I had. It sounds easy cheesy, maybe. But the fact that I can reach all of them make me proud of myself :D

When I saw that mindmap, I was reminded of my goal: to finish the school in four years. Somehow, it built a strength and power to myself to immediately make it happen. So I wrote another goals in 2017 in another piece of papers that I posted on my cupboard. I wrote down each goal in thesis writing that I should have made in each month in 2017. March, however, was the target month of my thesis presentation. Ups and downs, feeling stressed, confused, angry, everything was there in the process. There was a time of being hopeless and doubt, a time when I did not really believe in my capability, a time when I was not certain of the goal that I wrote. But again, the mindmap was still there. It was like giving me voice of support ‘YOU CAN BLOODY DO IT, DEV!’. And yes, after five months of writing the thesis, I bloody did it. Yeay!

Four years of college have given me a great journey of my educational life. I thought that maybe I was just lucky of being chosen as one of the moderators in an international seminar at my campus, a tutor, or a presenter in a national lingustics seminar. I also did an unforgettable travel to Borneo and other 14 cities in Indonesia which I never thought of before. Then I realize now that maybe it was not because of luck. Maybe it’s  the pay of all hard work that I did. Plus, because of that mind map's voice :D

Indeed, all of the things that I have been through and all of the things I have right now is supported by my wonderful friends. I am really really really thankful for meeting such of those freaks that will always be there to cheer me up and support me. These four years of college would not have been this amazing without my folks. Thank you guys ;)

I think it is a splendid time to stay in Jogja and meet bunch of incredible people that teach me everything. They are really my gurus of life. Now, it’s time to figure out what’s to do next. After Jogja, can you guess which city I’ll live in? :D

To all of my readers, I’d like to encourage you to keep dreaming. To keep struggling and working hard to make it happen. To believe in yourself that you are that capable. To never listen to all of negative criticisms that let you down. To take all of the lessons in your life as a valuable experience. To be thankful and to enjoy and love every step that you take in your life. To never regret the decisions even how stupid they were. To be inspired by this story and start to make your own mindmap of dreams J

Here I post some of the pics of my college-journey-life. Happy scrolling ^^.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Andy Torres

Hello guys, how are you doin? Good, I hope!

So, I admit that this blog is such a random blog, obviously. I talk and share about anything, that I can't even categorize what kind of blog this is. But that's me. I write on this blog, not to make people to see me, but it's more to do what I like that I like sharing so much. This blog is dedicated for me myself, so I don't expect everyone in this big mass gigantic world to notice me. However, if you do like to read my post, please keep reading because I promise you that I won't stop writing. It just... being busy and, you know, I write when something just comes up in my mind, so it takes time to open this blog again and start writing.

Like I said before, this is such a random blog. Don't relate this post with the previous post because it has nothing to do with them at all. This time I'd like to share something that impresses me, a figure that I amaze since I was in high school, about 5 years ago. She is a beautiful lady who likes fashion and stuff. If you ever read my post about 7 Fashion Bloggers that I like the most you may recognize this one. She is Andy Torres. 

The first time I open her blog, I was amazed by her style of dressing. Plus she has a unique-and-pretty-angelic-face and it just makes me keep admiring her more and more. Most of the contents of her blog are her pictures of daily outfit and her experience of travelling the world. Oh my god, I am so envious with this lady, I mean, she's just so lucky that she can keep doing what she likes and getting so many benefits from it. 

Her style of fashion is simple yet special. She knows so well how to mix dress with the accessories, shoes, and bags. The style is just simple but catchy and that's what I favorite the most. She knows how to put make up on and how to express herself. Her style is never boring! She always improves herself in fashion.

But the most important thing is that she always updating her blog with all her activities and so on. I don't know why, but I always feel inspired and motivated every time I read her posts. Whenever I visit her blog, I know that my time is well spent. Anyway, she's good at sport too!

Other thing that is impressive from Andy Torres is she's also a speaker of TED. You know it well, right? After watching her video in Youtube, I know that she's just incredible. She's pretty, hardworker, and smart. She built all her success that she gets for now from zero. Her story of how he can survive in Amsterdam makes me admire her more. 

I think that's the post for today. Andy Torres is just an incredible woman. I hope she keeps doing what she loves and keeps spreading the love. You may watch her video here:

See you!

Monday, 11 January 2016


Hi hi everyone!
Today I'd like to share some job vacancies (or in Indonesia, Lowongan Kerja) that I found available for this moment. Here we go.

Up Shoes is a brand of woman shoes from Indonesia lead by my favorite fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari. Today I found their post on Instagram that they are hiring for the new creative director. For you who loves shoes and fashion, you may consider to apply yourself and send them your CV.

You know this site, right? A famous site of vector, background and any other design. Lately, I am learning Corel Draw and I found a button of 'We're hiring' in this site. There are some available jobs they have such as writer, contributor, and their team member. For further information, please check their website.

Have you check my latest update about Well, it's a special website for tshirt where you can design your own. I check their website and find out that they are hiring for new member. There are many available positions for you, for instance Software Engineers, Web Developers, App Developers, Social Media Strategist, Community Marketing Specialist, PR Specialist, and many more. Interested? Go check their website immediately! Find 'Join Our Team' link in Useful links column at the website footer. 

It's a chance for collegians in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to experience how to work in Dagadu, a tshirt brand from Jogja. I'd like to apply myself too in this website and hope that I could get through. But here I share it to you too, in case that you also interested or you really need a job. Check out Gardep Dagadu in Google now. 

That's all the job vacancies that I can share to you guys. Hope it helps and good luck for you! 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Udesign it, Ushare it, Uearn it with

Hello, lovely people! How are you? I’m feeling excellent today and very inspired after checking this cool website of When I said it’s cool, I really mean it.

Before going further, I’d like to share my interest in wearing t-shirt. Everyone in the world must have at least two t-shirts in their closet; even many of people have a bunch of it. T-shirt is one of my favourite tops to wear for its comfy and simple look on my appearance. Besides, I can wear t-shirt whenever I’d like to, such as going for a jogging, hang out, shopping, even for campus. Yes, I mostly wear t-shirt in everyday including for studying at my campus. I would say that it’s one of advantages for being a letters’ students since there is no rule for forbidding students to wear everything they want (Yeay!). T-shirt also has some profits when you wear them on like you can mix and match it with outers, skirts, or shorts. You can also have impressive and attractive look even only wearing a t-shirt. That’s why using t-shirt for campus never goes wrong.

From that moment, I tried to search for a cool t-shirt that I could wear on for campus. The matter is, whenever I found a t-shirt that I think it was cool, it was always about the price or the material of it. I found a t-shirt which was a basic one and it was printed in my favourite colour with no words or any pattern on it. Sadly, that plain t-shirt was cost for more or less 10 dollars. I didn’t take for granted for the cotton but for the price, I mean, really? Another disappointing moment I had when searching for a t-shirt when I found one which it had a famous brand printed on it. The colour was lovely, and it was pretty with some ornaments on it, but the material of the cotton was so soft and thin. Once you wear them, it’s going to be sparse and spread and you have nothing to hide if the colour is white.  Definitely a bad idea for college.

There are so many online shops offering a basic custom t-shirt indeed, but I may say that it’s hard to find the best one for me. I was thinking that it’s a very great idea where I can put my drawings that I have made on my basic t-shirt and print it right away. I used to search for a store that can print only for one or two shirts but again it is too pricy for the production cost. And today, I just found a website that can make my dream comes true! Let me introduces you, the amazing Tadaa! is a website that sells a basic t-shirt when you can design it on your own. Well, it’s quite different with another design t-shirt where we usually design it first in Corel Draw or Photoshop before it is produced, because lets you to design your own t-shirt instantly in that website. The step to design your own shirt is very easy too. You may design your t-shirt with the available design in the website, or you may design your custom t-shirt with quotes or picture. Cool, huh?

This kind of design t-shirt online can be done by whoever you are for FREE! Yes, it’s definitely true. Design your own t-shirt with any way you love. Just pick the model of t-shirt you’d like, choose your favourite colour, add your favourite quotes, give some edits, and voila it’s done! Next step is just order for your own custom t-shirt and it will be ready on your door for 3-5 days after the payment.

When I used to concern about the cost of my basic t-shirt, gives a very affordable price for a t-shirt. When I look at the picture of the t-shirt, my doubts about the cotton material suddenly gone. It’s quite thick and comfy to wear. I know that I won’t be disappointed anymore about the price and the quality of the t-shirt I want because gives the best one. Have I told you that this website has no shipping cost? Amazing, right?

Once when I registered myself for this website, a thousand for ideas to design my own t-shirt just suddenly appeared. Now I can design a t-shirt for my boyfriend, friends, family, and print it easily with I can have a printed t-shirt that no one else in the world would have. Yohoo!

The other cool thing about is the idea where you can also earn money from your own design t-shirt (WOW!). When I sign up for the website, I already let myself to be online t-shirt creator. This website lets me to create any ideas of t-shirt I’d like to make and also lets me to enjoy some profits if anyone likes to buy one of my designed shirts. It’s a very excellent idea, I think, to let everyone entry for the website for FREE, let them to be an online t-shirt creator, to print their own designed shirt and the coolest thing ever is to let everyone to share and earn money from their designed t-shirt. This website is literally breath-taking, seriously.

Oh wait, it’s not the last cool thing from the website actually. Another thing I like the most is the part of the blog that we have once we’ve signed up.  So it is not just about designing and printing t-shirt, but it’s also about sharing and socializing with others. Check my blog at and don't forget to follow :))

I am really amazed with this website. It’s a website where you can share your creativity, make it for real, get to know others, and earn money. This website has read all people’s mind and made it happen. Visit right away to feel the awesomeness!